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When it comes to product development, it’s surprising how many people are willing to hand over the keys to the kingdom, hoping their designer will spin straw into gold. In other words, providing your designer with limited content or information about your business but hoping he’ll create something that aligns with your brand and vision. Doing this is like handing your designer a bow and arrow, blindfolding her, putting an apple on your head and saying, “Hit this.”

I don’t think people mean to do this. I think they simply don’t understand the process or what information to provide. But the more you share about who you are, why you’re in the business you’re in and what motivates you to do what you do, the services you provide and how these help or benefit others and what makes you different  or unique, the easier it’ll be for your designer to create that magic you’re looking for.

No one knows the heart of soul of your business better than you. You are the content expert and it’s important to share this with your designer so he and she understands your needs. We’re topic generalists or dabblers in a variety of topics. We simply don’t have the knowledge about your business that you do. We’re context experts who mold and shape the content you provide into visually appealing forms that will connect with your clients. That doesn’t mean you need to micromanage the entire process, but it is helpful if you provide some bread crumbs.

Your Home Page is like a storefront window. People want to look in and get a quick feel for who you are and what you do. If they like what they see, they might come in and look around. If they don’t, they’ll go elsewhere.

The About Us page is your opportunity to tell people who you are so they can decide if they want to do business with. It’s your opportunity to share your personality and sell yourself. What are your strengths? Do you have a lot of experience? Have you won any awards? Do you regularly volunteer for a specific charity? Have you been featured in media that might impress me or done work for others I might know and trust? This is your opportunity to tell me why you’re a big deal and how collaborating with you might help me to be a big deal too, or at least be one happy customer. And if you have testimonials from satisfied clients or great business reviews, please share.

The Services page is an opportunity to showcase your services. If I’m a potential client and I visit this page, I want to see a snapshot of what you have to offer so I can quickly decide if you can meet my needs. If you have pictures, all the better. For example, if you’re in the business of restoring boats, show me pictures of some of your best work.

Contact us is a way for clients to contact you quickly and easily. Personally, I get nervous when contact information is hard to find or if you only provide an email address. I like to know where you are and how I can reach a real, live person.

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