The Cost of Managing Your Own Website

O.k… I hear this all the time. “I need a website I can manage myself.” Sure, you can have a website you can manage yourself but you must be prepared to do a lot of reading and learning. It’s not as easy as 1-2-3 go, which is why most people choose to have someone else take care of their site for them. They just don’t have the time to invest in attaining the knowledge needed to take care of things on their own, or find the whole thing to be a hassle.

Site management imageThere are so many different platforms/content management systems (CMS) out there that can be used to create and manage a website that it can be overwhelming to new users and even seasoned designers, with more and more being created all the time. Developers are constantly trying to come up with easier methods for end users to create and manage their own content, but there’s still a big learning curve if you want to use it effectively.

Most personal and small businesses don’t need an extravagant website or CMS in order to create a nice online presence. Sometimes, even a one-pager is enough to get your message out to your audience. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a CMS is a must and even preferred. If you have the time and desire to learn a CMS, then great; just be aware of what you’re getting yourself into and actions you’ll need to take.

If you decide to go ahead with a self-managed website, here’s some elements you might want to familiarize yourself with:
HTML or  XHTML, CSS, Plugins, Scripts, Hosting, Control panels, Dashboards and Social media

These are just a small drop in a big bucket but help to give you an idea of what’s involved in managing your own site.

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