Who We Are


TRIASTRUM first opened as an information technology (IT) business in 2006. Through the years more and more requests were received for web and graphic design services so focus was shifted to web design and creative services, re-branding to TRIASTRUM in 2012.


What's important?

You are! Clients are the #1 priority, wouldn't be here without you. Though TRIASTRUM works with individuals and companies, there's a soft spot for small- to medium-sized businesses. Why? Been there and know the importance of getting awesome products that look great, without costing a small fortune. TRIASTRUM doesn't have the expensive overhead costs many of our competitors do, so it gets paid forward to you, the clients. From Conception to Creation TRIASTRUM is True Value!

Some companies TRIASTRUM has worked with


Pronounced (Tri-astrum)

TRI from Latin meaning three.
ASTRUM from Latin meaning star.