Who We Are


Building Relationships – Making Connections – Exchanging Ideas

TRIASTRUM, formerly WinsPC, first opened as an information technology (IT) business in Saskatoon in 2006. Over the years, we received more and more requests for web and graphic design services. We heard what clients we’re saying and shifted our focus to web and creative services. In 2012, we moved to Alberta, changed our name to TRIASTRUM and re-branded to better reflect this shift in service. In 2017 we came back to our roots, the beautiful city of Saskatoon.

What’s important to us?

You are! Our clients are our #1 priority. We wouldn’t be here without you. We measure our success through the stories you tell. Happy, satisfied clients tell better stories.

We love working with individuals and companies, and have a special soft spot for small- to medium-sized businesses. Why? We’ve been there. We know how important it is to get awesome products that look like a million bucks, without costing a million bucks. At TRIASTRUM, we don’t have the expensive overhead costs many of our competitors do, so we’re able to pay it forward to you, our clients, by offering exceptional customer service and incredible value.

As creative partners, we believe in taking the time to explain things so you can make informed decisions about our products and services. We’re grateful for everyone we get to collaborate and create with. Thanks to all our clients. You’re amazing! To the clients we haven’t met yet, hope to see you soon.

From Conception to Creation TRIASTRUM is True Value



What does Triastrum mean?
Pronounced: Tri – Astrum
Tri – Latin meaning three
Astrum – Latin meaning star

About The Founder:

I grew up and went to school in a small town in the Maritimes and moved out west soon after completing high school. I’ve been here for 25+ years now, adding a beautiful family along the way. In 2003, I returned to school for certification in Information Technology or IT.

winIn 2006, I started a computer repair business which has since evolved into TRIASTRUM and what I do now, which is a little bit of everything…and that provides great value to every customer! Personally getting “nickle & dimmed” is not an option and the same goes for clients, you deserve better.

I’m just the average guy with the knowledge, education and experience who wants to help others get the best value for their dollar. Thanks for stopping by.